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A Diamond to Die For by Ann Blair Kloman

A Diamond To Die For

by Ann Blair Kloman

A woman, a hand, a diamond? Mystery! At least for Isobel Van Dursan, the peripatetic "hit-woman" who continuously finds herself embroiled in murders, by both her own hand and others. A diamond ring is the focus of this new novel from Ann Blair Kloman, carrying the reader from Newport, RI, to Bainbridge Island, WA, and Old Lyme, CT, before returning to Isobel’s home base of Elmore Harbor, Maine.

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Isobel's Odyssey

by Ann Blair Kloman

Isobel, a widow of a certain age and long-time resident of a small fishing village on the coast of Maine, decides she requires additional income to support her desire for first-class travel. She answers an ad for a hired mercenary to an ex-Mafia don, first testing her homicidal capabilities at home, and later, with her niece Jo in tow, moving on to assignments in Montana to dispatch a Japanese harvester of children’s body parts, in Stockholm to remove a Russian anthrax intermediary, and, in Bermuda to “put paid” to an English high-class pimp. She and Jo, of course, savor the fine accommodations and gastronomic rewards of their efforts, but will they receive their come-uppance? And what of the mysterious gentleman who pops up at each of their assignments?

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This book is a truly enchanting mystery story placed on the coast of Maine in a location area well known to the authoress and her family.The story is written with a very subtle but enjoyable sense of humor thoughout. The Maine/New England flavor adds to the attrtactiveness of the whole plot. Well recommended. –Customer Review

Isobel's Odyssey by Ann Blair Kloman

Swannsong by Ann Blair Kloman


by Ann Blair Kloman

A slumbering lobstering village on the coast of Maine is the setting for this novel of revenge and murder, centered on a dysfunctional summer family, a woman who bore an illegitimate child at sixteen, and a remarkable blind horticulturalist, who, with a local detective, solves the murders. It captures the essence of small town life and some appealing and not-so-appealing characters.

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